Frontline Leadership Assessment

Our leaders clearly communicate company and department goals, as well as how team members can support them.(Required)
Our leaders set clear performance expectations for their team members.(Required)
Our leaders effectively train team members.(Required)
Our leaders develop their team members in their roles or for future roles within the company.(Required)
Our leaders identify and remedy performance issues on their team.(Required)
Our leaders have proactive and effective coaching conversations with team members who are not meeting expectations.(Required)
Our leaders give timely and effective performance feedback, both throughout the workday and during reviews.(Required)
Our leaders positively influence the performance of those who may not report to them, including peers, project teams, or strategic partners.(Required)
Our leaders effectively participate in the hiring/interviewing process.(Required)
Our leaders effectively engage with team members from multiple generations.(Required)
Team members express or infer distrust of their leadership.(Required)
Team members complain that they do not receive appropriate recognition or appreciation for their work.(Required)
We are currently challenged with turnover in our organization.(Required)
We have conducted employee surveys that show engagement issues.(Required)
In past training, we were able to measure the impact of our investment with concrete results.(Required)
Where should we send the results?(Required)
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